Monday, March 14, 2016

VEX IQ Middle School Worlds '16

Worlds '16 Data

Here's a bunch of data I've collected about teams attending VEX IQ Worlds Middle School division in 2016.

It should be noted that this data has come from different times in the season, from various tournaments, and also Skills events that sometimes do not host Teamwork events.  While it may provide some comparison between teams, each team's results in qualifying and in the finals depends a great deal on other teams at that event.  This table does not indicate how much a team may improve between the tournament listed, and Worlds.

This table lists the tournament from which this data was collected for each team.

The Program and Driver Skill scores are pulled from the tournament listed, or the World Ranking, whichever is greater.
"All Avg" is the average score of all qualifying matches for that team.
"Used Avg" is the average, not including scores that were dropped.
The table is sorted by "Average", which is:
(([Total Used] + [Final])/([Qualifying Matches] + 1) + [Program Skill] + [Driver Skill]) / 3

If teams don't have a score in a category, a value of zero is used.

*** this data was pulled live from the web site, and that web site has been updated, so the data is no longer available.