Thursday, December 7, 2017


One third scale Astromech

R2Kee2 In Blue
This R2 unit was designed by my friend Damien Kee.

I used his building instructions to create my own version.

The head is built a bit different, and I'm not sure I like this one, yet.

I added a few internal supports, which Damien incorporated into his instructions.

This version is about 1/3 scale.  Coming up will be a photo shoot with him and his two bigger brothers, who are 1/2 scale and full size.

Here's the little brother with his middle brother.

Building instructions and code are posted on Damien's web site:

Additional information on Andrea's web site

Thursday, March 9, 2017

VEX IQ MS Worlds

Data for VEX IQ Worlds '17 - Middle School

This is live data for teams that are registered for VEX IQ Worlds '17.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Sample RobotC code for VEX IQ

Sample VEX IQ Code

I get a lot of questions about to to program VEX IQ using RobotC.
  1. How do we make the arm move to a specific location?
  2. Can we use the same program for Autonomous and Driver Command?
  3. We have a list of commands that execute when we press a button.  Sometimes the robot will get stuck, while executing the commands.  How do we make it stop?
Below are three code samples.  They are intentionally posted as images in order to allow you the joy of typing each character, and learning something in the process.

The first code shows how to make a motor move to a specific location, using RUp and RDown (lines 11-19).

It also shows how to call the same block of code using the remote control OR touch LED (lines 20-37)

This image simply shows the above program converted to text using RobotC's "Convert Graphic File to Text" command.

This code demonstrates the use of tasks, for running code that can be interrupted at any time.