Tuesday, November 24, 2015

R2-IQ: Broken

Build Day 28:

Bent Axle
Over the weekend, while I was driving R2 around the show, it would turn to the right, but not to the left.  When I would try to turn left, the chain would jump on the gears on the center leg.  I didn't really understand why it worked one direction, but not the other.

Last night I decided to replace the chain with gears, and while rebuilding the wheel, I discovered one of the axles was very bent, causing the wheel to turn poorly.

Hopefully, I'll get the leg rebuilt (new design) and attached, tonight.

Monday, November 23, 2015

R2-IQ: First Show

Build Day 27:

R2-IQ at it's first show
Over the weekend, we attended Brickworld, a large show with lots of cool displays.  R2 spent the time surrounded by lots of LEGO Star Wars items.

Unfortunately, that didn't allow me any time to get any real work done on him.

However, it was a very good indication of how people will react to the droid.  I had several kids want to touch it, and even hug it.

I'm looking forward to making more progress in the coming weeks.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

R2-IQ: All coming together

Build Day 23:

Frame & Body, separate
I had a very productive night last night.  I started by rebuilding the shoulders to support all three legs.

With the new shoulders, the legs have a hard-stop at 0 degrees swinging forward (standing on two legs) and at 36 degrees swinging backward (standing on 3 legs)

I tried using magnets to hold the third leg in place, but that didn't work.  It's too heavy.

I had to split the body into four pieces to insert the frame.

1/2 body

Frame with 1/2 body attached

Frame with 3/4 body

Adding last section of body

Body with shoulder(s)

Frame inside body

R2 with head & 2 legs

R2 in 3 leg mode

Playing with color

More color 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

R2-IQ: Head Start

Build Day 21:

Here's a first look at the head.  At this point, it looks more like a helmet.  Hopefully, I can make it look round, using square parts.

Monday, November 16, 2015

R2-IQ: 2-3-2

Build Day 20:

One of my favorite parts of this build will be R2's ability to transform between 2 legs and 3 legs and back to 2 legs.  It will not be done with actuators in the shoulders, but by using the motors in the feet.

Here are a couple pictures from my first test.  In this prototype, the third leg can not raise up into the body, but it will in the final version.

Leah adding a Duplo block to the robot

(I'm not very happy with the blog formatting options around videos)

The video shows my first trial run, switching from 2-3-2.  Right now, the shoulders are not very sturdy, and I'll need some work around how the legs move...  but it's a start.

Friday, November 13, 2015

VEX IQ Angles

VEX Angles

Creating a 22.62 degree angle
While building R2-IQ, I found the need to create different angles.  One way to do that is to connect two plates together with pins in various locations.

Using the red and gray plates pictured here with 1 blue pin and 4 yellow pins (pins shown twice, once in each plate) will create a 22.62 degree angle.  Both plates are pictured from above; do not flip them when assembling.

Below is a chart showing different angles that can be created, by leaving the blue pin in the same location and moving the yellow pins to other locations.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

R2-IQ: Part Count

Build Day 16: Parts

Short pin
I often try to keep track of parts as I'm building these big projects.  And I usually fail.  After the build, it's possible to calculate with reasonable accuracy how many beams and other parts were used.  But, it can be pretty tough to count pins and connectors.

On this build, I'm actually tracking the number of pin bags that I've opened (current 7 bags which have 120 short pins) so I should have a pretty good number for pins.
90 deg Angle Connector
Through a quirk of fate, I also have a very large quantity of this 90 degree angle connector.  

If you know me, you'll know why I rather like this connector.

So, I have an insane number of these connectors.  They come in bags of 32, and so far I've used 18 bags on the R2 build. (576 connectors)  I expect that number will go up 2 or 3x  when I'm done.