Monday, September 19, 2016

R2-IQ: Rebuilding


Second Neck rebuild
R2 has been to a few shows, and there are several things that need tweaked.

Originally, the head-turning was driven by a single powered axle.  That put a huge amount of torque on the axle (and gears) and turned pretty slow.

I don't have a pic of the first rebuild, but it had one wheel driving the plate on the bottom of the head.
Third Neck rebuild
The second rebuild had four wheels driving the head.  Sort of.

I can't believe I screwed up the gearing like that.  The third rebuild works very well.

There will still be a wire coming out and attaching the brain to the LED sensor in the head, so the head can not spin 360, but it should turn very well.

Small opening
If anything happens to R2, like it gets knocked over, or I otherwise need to work on the inside, there is a very small hole in the body to reach through.

That makes maintenance very difficult.

Back panel w/Magnets
On Sunday (Build day 327) I decided to make a removeable panel for the back.  This will allow me to get inside and make adjustments as needed.

There are four sets of magnets that hold the back on.  Hopefully they will be strong enough to hold everything in place.
Back panel with hatch
There is a small hatch on the back, so I can turn it on and off.  I will have to take the back panel off to replace the battery.

Closed back
With the hatch closed, it looks clean.

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