Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Super Robo Rally V2

SRR Version 2:

Over the years, I've spent more time working on Super Robo Rally than any other project I've ever created.

SRR at Nexus Game Fair '16
In fact, I may have spent more time on it than all other projects, combined.  (maybe not.  I've had many projects)

After starting on it in 2010, it's been through more revisions than I can list.

The current system uses a Windows 7 PC running C# code to control the game, and communicate with the robots.

Over the summer, I will be working on Version 2.  This version will move from the C# engine currently used, to a MySQL database on a Raspberry Pi, where the Pi can also communicate with the robots via Bluetooth.

The best part about this, will be getting around the current weakness of Windows, where a PC can only communicate with 7 devices.  The Pi will be able to use multiple bluetooth dongles to communicate with robots.

I can't explain how much better this will make the whole system.  I'll try to follow up as this progresses.

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