Friday, May 20, 2016

R2-IQ: Filler Parts

R2-IQ at VEX Worlds

I started this post a few weeks ago, and didn't complete it.  

Modified Feet
Before VEX Worlds (in April) I made some tweaks to the feet.  At Brickworld Indy, I had issues with the axles coming out.  So I added more support, and didn't have any issues with them for the 4 days it drove at Worlds.
Small Rebuild
However, I did still have an issue at Worlds.  Turns out trying to back over holes in the floor would cause the legs to buckle and he fell over.
Inside of arm
This is a look inside the arm.  I wasn't sure if I had posted any pictures of the shoulder, so I took this shot.
New Part
I had an idea to fill in the head.  If I can get four of this part, it will allow me to put several plates in place to help create a curve.

This was drawn in SnapCad, and has "wings" at 18 degrees.

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