Friday, May 20, 2016

R2-IQ: Round Head

R2-IQ: The Round Head

Part 1
The real challenge with R2-IQ has been making it round.  It's one thing to make a cylinder for the body, using the square VEX IQ parts.  It's another thing to make the head.

In SnapCAD (VEX IQ modeling software) I drew up a part that I thought would help.
Part 1 Printed
I posted my picture on line and asked some friends if they could help make a file for a 3D printer.

I received a reply from someone I didn't even know with this drawing that looked better than my original one.

"I didn't know the angles, so I used 70 degrees."

As near as I could tell, I wanted them to be about 18 degrees (or 72, depending on the reference)  In a very short order, he had a new drawing, and thanks to friends (Davin) at Purdue Polytechnic, I had the new part printed in no time.
Part 2 Hole
"Well, that was easy.  But can you make a part to fill this hole?", I challenged David.
Part 2 Hole in CAD
After clarifying some of the angles...
Part 1 actual angle
We discovered the actual angle of the original part should have been about 13 degrees.

I'm not sure how to calculate that angle.  I'm sure someone can.  David did it by lining up all the other parts in CAD and having it tell him the angle.
P2 Original Curve
In no time we had a new part design, which would fill the holes in the head.
P2 Original
After printing it, the part appeared to be a bit too "pointed".  So, instead of it being flush with the red & orange pieces, it was offset to an 11 degree angle.

Basically, I asked him to push the point in, while leaving the attachment points in the same place.
P2 Good Curve
The new (purple) piece has a very nice curve.  In addition, it has enough connection points that I should be able to remove most of the internal structure.

Head with Parts
The first picture of the head with the printed parts installed.

The curve looks very good.

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