Tuesday, December 15, 2015

R2-IQ on TV

Build Day 49

Looking good
Our visit to the Game Preserve was captured and broadcast last night.  Today, the news was loaded with stories that started, "In anticipation of the new Star Wars movie..." (someone did something)

So, I did my part.  Check out the story, which is slightly longer than the ad you must watch at the beginning.

WLFI News Story

A couple corrections:
1) The story starts by him saying "...the 45 robot...", which I think should have been "... the 45 day old robot..."
2) I said I'd been working on it for 45 days.  It was actually 48.
3) The total number of pieces is more like 4,000 than 40,000.  About 2,400 of those are pins.
4) I said I was a robotics coach.  They said I'm a teacher.  OK...

Highlights of the night:
A) Matt helping me assemble it.
B) Kurt reminding me of the items on my list (weight, part count, creation time, cost)
C) The people present expressing how cool it was
D) Seth being impressed that we got TV18 to show up.

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