Thursday, November 19, 2015

R2-IQ: All coming together

Build Day 23:

Frame & Body, separate
I had a very productive night last night.  I started by rebuilding the shoulders to support all three legs.

With the new shoulders, the legs have a hard-stop at 0 degrees swinging forward (standing on two legs) and at 36 degrees swinging backward (standing on 3 legs)

I tried using magnets to hold the third leg in place, but that didn't work.  It's too heavy.

I had to split the body into four pieces to insert the frame.

1/2 body

Frame with 1/2 body attached

Frame with 3/4 body

Adding last section of body

Body with shoulder(s)

Frame inside body

R2 with head & 2 legs

R2 in 3 leg mode

Playing with color

More color 

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