Monday, November 9, 2015

R2-IQ: Extra Pictures

Build Day 13:

I have a couple extra pictures from over the weekend.

18 degrees

First, I was trying to figure out how to make an 18 degree angle.  In order to find the exact combination, I opened SnapCAD and changed the rotation angle on the grid to 18 degrees.  Then I put in two plates, and rotated the second one once (18 degrees).  I was able to line up the corner holes, and see which other holes lined up.

"Why?", you ask.  When R2 is in 3-leg mode, the body and legs are both tilted to 18 degrees.  So, the ankles will need to be solid at 18 degrees.

Powered caster wheel.

The front wheel (3rd leg) is going to a fancy powered wheel.  It will be a "Mecanum" wheel which, along with a second wheel, and multiple motors, will allow the front wheel to drive in any direction, making it a powered caster wheel.  (the picture shows two copies of the front wheel assembly.  The actual robot will only have one)

This will help to overcome a common problem with many R2D2 builds, where there is too much weight on the non-powered front wheel.

While these wheels are not available for VEX IQ competition robots, they are part of the VEX line, and do easily fit on the same axle as normal VEX IQ parts.

In the background, you can see the mockup of the foot that I made, to ensure the size is appropriate.

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