Monday, November 2, 2015

R2-IQ: Some real building

R2-IQ Day 6:

I spent some time over the weekend building with actual plastic parts.  So far I'm trying to see how to build the body and head, without using so many parts the whole thing can't be lifted.

I don't yet have a good idea how much this will weigh.  My first shipment of parts (which I thought would include everything) is only 2 boxes, and weighs just under 11 lbs.

That can't be right.  I must have missed something.  This is my first parts list.  I'm planning on using a few items I already have.  Will it be enough?

QuantityPart NumberDescription
1228-2500Super Kit
1276-14474" Mecanum Wheel (4-pack)
30228-38714x Plate Foundation Add-On Pack (White)
10228-35154x Plate Foundation Add-On Pack (base)
10228-37184x Plate Foundation Add-On Pack (Blue)
4228-36954x Plate Base Pack (Blue)
2228-38652x Beam Base Pack (White)
1228-2532Gear Add-On Kit
1228-4420Long Shaft Add-On Pack
1228-3057Shaft Add-On Kit
1228-2523Wheel Add-On Kit
1228-2534Chain & Sprocket Kit (Base)
1228-4415Large Plate Add-On Pack (Base)
10228-3058Connector Pin Pack (Base)
4228-2560Smart Motor
4228-4034Smart Motor Mount Add-On Pack
1228-4422Long Smart Cable (8-pack)

Head and body shape 

Here are a couple actual builds of the head and body shape.  I think it will look pretty good once it's complete and covered with white and blue...

Pieces of the robot

There are many separate parts to this project, that will all need to be combined for it to be complete.  This list will help me think through everything.

  1. Body
    1. Internal structure
  2. Head
    1. Head Movement
  3. Arms (2x)
    1. Stationary setup
    2. Shoulders
    3. Shoulder sensors to detect orientation
  4. 3rd Leg
    1. Raise & lower
  5. Motor layout for navigation
  6. Navigation software (remote and other control)
  7. Lights & Sounds
    1. Basic lights
    2. Advanced Lights & Sounds (alternate processor?)
  8. Extra compartments
    1. Magnets to hold doors closed

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