Thursday, November 5, 2015

R2-IQ: Complete Body

Build Day 9:

I built the skin of the body last night.  I will have to build a bit of frame to connect the arms and 3rd leg together, but the inside will be mostly empty.

I used a large number of yellow pieces left over from Qonnect 4 and a lot of 90 degree connectors, to make the round shape.  It looks pretty good, but will still need plenty of decoration.

In my shipment, I received 12 packs of pins.  I've already opened six of them.  Not sure if I will need to order more, but my guess is that I will.

The whole body is very light.  I'm easily able to lift it with one hand.

I made a mockup of the leg to see exactly how it would fit, and the size.  It's looking pretty good.

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